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Mullen's Government French Dressing (Blue Label)

Mullen's Government French Dressing (Blue Label)

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A variation of our Original French Dressing (A.K.A "Imitation") that is not as tart and sweet.

This dressing was created as a reaction to the 1950s FDA requirement of 35% oil content for French Dressings.  J.D. Mullen's original Dressing became known as "Imitation" and he created this dressing with extra oil to meet the FDA requirements. In 2022, this requirement was dropped by the FDA, so we now affectionately call this one "Government Label French Dressing". 

While we think John would have likely stopped making this dressing in 2022, but we know you Blue Fans will be disappointed if we discontinue... so we'll #saveblue until everyone's on the Original Green Team.


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