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Creamy Italian Dressing
Our customers told us they wanted a really good creamy Italian dressing, so J.D. Mullen Company went to work on a new formula. We think we have perfected a recipe that will not only satisfy those who demand a delicious and healthy Italian dressing, but those who love the creamy texture as well.

Mullen's Special Salad Dressing

One of our newer items on today's market is Mullen's Special Salad Dressing, made from all natural ingredients: apple cider vinegar, corn oil, sugar Mustard, lemon and spices. Taste the natural goodness of our new "Special". We think you'll agree its one of a kind taste is hard to beat.

Imitation French Dressing

For many decades J.D. Mullen marketed this delicious dressing Americans have loved, no matter what is was called. in order to meet state and federal law requirements, we chose to change the name rather than add more oil to the original recipe. You'll find this delightful pouring type dressing light and delicious.

French Dressing

J.D. Mullen created a formula designed to meet strict government standards or a French dressing using the same ingredients as the original recipe. More corn oil was added and the other were ingredients reapportioned. Because it is not quite so tart or sweet, some folks like it even better.